breakfast menu


every morning - exceptional experience

breakfast at avra pahainas is served from 08.00 until 11.00 every morning. it usually consists of 5 courses and differs every day depending on our chef's inspiration . here we present you our approximate menu.





watermelon lemonade + 1 drink of your choice

  • fresh fruits 

  • freshly baked koulouria with butter & jam

  • greek omelette with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and olives / or local mini pies

  • greek yogurt with honey and walnuts



  • greek mountain iced tea + 1 drink of your choice

  • fresh fruits

  • multigrain bread with honey & butter

  • boiled egg with feta dip, olives and fresh greens

  • oatmeal cake with yogurt cream

  • chamomille granita



  • apricot&vanilla compote + 1 drink of your choice

  • fresh fruits

  • bread rolls and other baked delicacies, served with butter&jam

  • cheese omelette

  • greek yogurt with granola



  • mint&lime lemonade + 1 drink of your choice

  • fruit salad with citrus dressing

  • freshly baked bread with orange&bergamote jam and butter

  • mini quiche / or croissant staffed with ham&cheese

  • olive oil biscotti with almonds and dried fruits

  • greek yogurt with almonds and cherry jam


  • thyme&honey iced tea + 1 drink of your choice

  • fresh fruits

  • freshly baked raisin bread with nectarine&coffee jam and butter
  • sweet omelette with baked feta, honey and cinnamon

  • local mini pies

  • goat milk ice cream with biscuit "sand" and honey


  • freshly squeezed orange juice + 1 drink of your choice

  • fresh fruits

  • multigrain bread with ananas&celery root jam and butter 

  • green omelette with fresh herbs and parsley oil

  • muffins with quinoa, olive oil and goji berries

  • melon granita with cornelian cherry syrup

​​drinks available for breakfast

  • greek coffee

  • espresso

  • americano

  • cappuccino

  • cafe au lait

  • greek frappe

  • milk

  • orange juice

  • hot chocolate

  • black tea

  • earl grey

  • black tea with thyme

  • black tea with lemon

  • black tea with strawberry/prune/apple/blueberries

  • green tea

  • green tea with hibiscus and cinnamon




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